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7. If power_boost_on is false , the ammo would move up repeatedly unil it hits
either an enemy or the ceiling. In other words, change y by (<speed> * <frame_
rate>) and repeat unil (<y posiion> greater than (180) or touching <Rock>? or
touching <Robot > ? or touching <Monster>? or touching <Mother Ship>? .
8. Ater hiing the ceiling or an enemy, delete the clone using delete this clone .
The final script should look like the following screenshot:
If the game is over, each clone will delete itself. Add the when I receive <game_over> and
delete this clone blocks.
Next, let's add the scripts for the Enemy Ammo sprite:
1. When the game starts, don't show the sprite. Wait for the creaion of the clone.
Then, add the when green flag is clicked and hide blocks.
Now let's add the script for a clone. Start with when I start as a clone .
Add the switch costume to <game_level> block.
Add the go to x: (pick random () to ()) y: () block; fill in the values -240 and 240 for
x and 180 for y. Then, add the go to front and show blocks.
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