Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Mission briefing
This is the year 3001, and the situaion is dire. Your planet is under atack and is in imminent
danger of complete destrucion. Alien invaders from the planet of Gor are coming in waves.
You and other six fighters are the last and only hope your planet has. You may not have
chosen this mission but the mission has chosen you.
Why is it awesome?
We will build a muliple-level game, which contains a scoreboard, game manager, and
different enemies for each level. This game is also configurable, so you can adjust the
level of difficulty as well as add new levels.
Moreover, we will uilize several Scratch 2.0 features including More Blocks, Cloning,
and Timer.
Your Hotshot objectives
We will build the game step by step; by irst creaing a player character, then adding
enemies, and finally adding the environment. We will be performing the following
tasks in this project:
F Staring with the starter project
F Adding scripts to Spaceship
F Updaing enemy sprites
F Adding scripts to Spaceship Ammo and Enemy Ammo
F Adding scripts to Shield and Shield Life
F Meeing your Game Manager
F Adding levels - three simple steps
Mission checklist
To speed up the process and allow us to focus on scriping, we will use prepackaged Scratch
sprites wherever we can. Only some background sprites will be hand drawn.
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