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drawer for the class. Hence, a file drawer for a class can contain two kinds of
1. manila folders of the class,
2. components that are declared with keyword static .
Class Math , which is public and, therefore, accessible everywhere, contains
many methods, and they are all static because there is no need to put them
inside folders. Instead, file drawer Math simply contains a lot of static methods.
It also contains two static fields, one of which is
which is a double value that approximates pi , the ratio of the circumference of
a circle to its diameter.
Property static will be discussed in more detail later. Here, we just want-
ed to make you aware of it because you are sure to see the keyword static from
time to time.
Graphics in a JFrame
We show you how to paint rectangles, circles, text, etc. in a JFrame . This process
shows the usefulness and flexibility of working with classes and objects and
extending (customizing) classes. Conceptually, there is nothing new in this sec-
tion; it is just a matter of learning about some more predefined classes in the Java
API and seeing how to use them. We keep this section short because the materi-
al is covered thoroughly and more easily in ProgramLive .
We will create another subclass of JFrame . The only thing we will do in an
instance of the subclass is to draw in it —lines, rectangles, ovals, text, and the
like, and in different colors.
Each instance of class JFrame contains a procedure paint , which is called
every time your system has to redraw the associated window (for example,
because it just became visible). This procedure does not do anything because its
body has no statement in it. But if we define a subclass of JFrame , we can cus-
tomize this procedure to draw pictures. We override procedure paint in JFrame
with a new one in the subclass.
Figure 1.12 contains a subclass GraphicsFrame of JFrame that defines
method paint . Here is the window that is shown by creating an instance of this
subclass and showing it —we resized the window before taking a snapshot of it:
Activity 1-5.6
also discusses
method paint.
We investigate procedure paint in Fig. 1.12. First, your program never calls
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