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Self review exercises
SR1. State whether each of the following is true or false. If false, explain why.
(a) One element of an array can be an int and another can be a double .
(b) An array-element subscript should normally be of type int .
(c) An array can be created with zero elements.
(d) The index of an array element and its subscript are the same thing.
(e) After declaring b using int [] b; , one can store a value in b[0] .
SR2. Fill in the blanks:
(a) Elements of an array have the same _________.
(b) To refer to the sixth element of array b , use the notation ___________.
(c) In an array element reference like b[k] , b[k] is called a __________,
and k is called the _______.
(d) The number of elements in an array d is ____________________.
SR3. Do the following tasks regarding an array sizes .
(a) Declare a final variable sizeOfSizes that is initialized to 15 .
(b) Declare variable sizes so that it can contain an array with base type int .
(c) Create an int array with n elements and store the array name in sizes .
(d) Write Java code to set all the elements of array sizes to 0 .
(e) Change the fifth element of array sizes to 4.
(f) Write Java code that sets the sixth element of sizes to 6 , but only if the
fifth element is even.
Exercises for Chapter 8
Many of these exercises ask for a method to be written. When writing the
method, be sure you write a suitable specification for it before writing the
method body! And test your answers on the computer.
For more exercises, turn to lesson 8 of the ProgramLive CD and click on
button Work .
E1. Create an array to contain the number of hours worked by someone each day
in a five-day workweek. Use the following data: Monday, 6 hours; Tuesday, 5;
Wednesday, 7; Thursday, 8; Friday, 7. Write statements to compute the total
hours worked, the average number of hours per day, and the total earnings,
assuming $7.50 per hour.
E2. A bowling alley has 100 balls with the following weight distribution:
06 pounds: 10 balls
12 pounds: 20 balls
08 pounds: 10 balls
14 pounds: 20 balls
09 pounds: 15 balls
16 pounds: 10 balls
10 pounds: 15 balls
Create an array of 100 elements to contain the weights of the balls. Do not write
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