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You and Norene discuss the table of contents app she wants you to create. She has pro-
vided a sample document containing the text of the United States Constitution. Norene
feels that this would pose an ideal challenge because the document is very long and
divided into different topical sections.
To view Norene's document:
1. Use your text editor to open the usconsttxt.htm and toctxt.js files from the
tutorial.14\tutorial folder. Enter your name and the date in the comment sec-
tion at the top of each file, and then save the files as usconst.htm and toc.js ,
2. Return to the usconst.htm file in your text editor, and then study the contents
and structure of the file. The document contains an aside element with the id
value toc , into which you'll place the table of contents. It also includes an article
element with the id doc , which contains the text of the document upon which the
table of contents will be based.
Figure 14-1 shows Norene's sketch of her idea for the table of contents. Her idea is to
create the table of contents as an ordered list that is automatically generated when the
page is loaded by a browser.
Figure 14-1
proposed table of contents layout
Historic Documents Online
Table of Contents
Articles of the Constitution
Article 1 - The Legislative Branch
Section 1: The Legislature
Section 2: The House
Section 3: The Senate
Section 4: Meet ings
Section 5: Membe rship
Section 6: Compe nsation
Section 7: Bi lls
Section 8: Congr essional Powers
Section 9: Congr essional Limits
Section 10: State Limits
Article II - The Executive Branch
Section 1: The President
Section 2: Presidential Powers
Section 3: State of the Union
The Constitution of the United States
table of contents box
drawn from the
headings of the source
Articles of the Constitution
Article 1 - The Legislative Branch
Section 1: The Legislature
Section 2: The House
source document
Ideally, any table of contents application you create should be applicable to a wide
selection of source documents. Norene wants to base her table of contents on the h1
through h6 heading elements often used to mark the topical sections in HTML docu-
ments. The h1 heading usually marks a primary section in the document, h2 marks a
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