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Figure 13-42
221b blog web page
Kyle already has created the style sheet for the menus and the HTML code for the
Web page. Your job will be to write the JavaScript code to control the operation of the
pull-down menus on the page.
Complete the following:
1. Using your text editor, open the holmestxt.htm , pulltxt.css , and pulltxt.js files from
the tutorial.13\case3 folder, enter your name and the date in the comment section
of each file, and then save the files as holmes.htm , pullmenu.css , and pullmenu.js ,
2. Take some time to view the contents of the holmes.htm file in your text editor, noting
the structure of the two navigation lists and the submenus within each of those lists.
3. Open the holmes.htm file in your Web browser, and then study the placement of the
six pull-down menus for the stories and novels of Sherlock Holmes. The page also
contains four pull-down menus in the vertical navigation bar containing links to Web
sites for User Submissions , Holmes on the Web , Arthur Conan Doyle , and Other
Fictional Detectives , but these are obscured by the horizontal pull-down menus at
the moment.
4. Go to the pullmenu.css file in your text editor. At the bottom of the file, insert the
following two style rules: i) hide the ul elements nested within the li elements
belonging to the submenu class by setting their display property to none ; and ii)
display a pointer cursor for h1 elements belonging to the submenuHead class.
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