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Review Assignments
Practice the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data Files needed for the review assignments: circle.png, hitori.css, hitoritxt.htm,
hitoritxt.js, jpf.css, jpf.jpg, jpfback.png, modernizr-1.5.js, puzzles.js
Rebecca has asked for your help with another puzzle page. This page involves solving
the hitori puzzle. The Hitori puzzle is played on a grid of numbers. Each number is either
circled or darkened; a darkened cell is referred to as a block. A successful solution will
meet these three criteria:
1. The same number cannot be circled more than once in any row or column.
2. Blocks cannot be placed adjacent to each other in the horizontal or vertical direc-
tion, though they can lie diagonally.
3. Circled numbers must complete a continuous path throughout the grid; no circled
number or group of circled numbers can be isolated from the others by a set of blocks.
Figure 13-37 shows a preview of the Hitori page you'll create for Rebecca, with the solu-
tion of a sample Hitori puzzle.
Figure 13-37
the Hitori puzzle
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