HTML and CSS Reference
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Writing HTML Content
The content within an HTML element is also part of the object tree. One way of access-
ing and changing this content is by using the innerHTML property. For example, if the
first h1 heading in a document is written using the HTML code
<h1>The <em>Japanese</em> Puzzle Factory</h1>
then the expression
returns the text string The <em>Japanese</em> Puzzle Factory . Notice that both text and
HTML tags are part of the innerHTML property. To change the content of that heading,
you'd change the value of the innerHTML property, as in the following code:
var heading1 = document.getElementsByTagName(“h1”)[0];
heading1.innerHTML = “<i>Hanjie Puzzle</i>”;
After running this code, the first h1 heading in the document would contain the text
Hanjie Puzzle nested within an i element. Changing the value of the innerHTML prop-
erty also overwrites whatever content is currently contained within the selected object,
so you should be careful when using it to rewrite the content of elements that already
exist in a Web document. In the next tutorial, you'll learn ways to modify the structure
and content of elements within a Web document without overwriting the content that
already exists.
Using the innerHTML Property
Now that you've learned how to reference elements within a Web document and how
to change their content, you'll use that knowledge to display the hanjie puzzles that
Rebecca has designed for her Web site. To do this, you'll run a function named init()
when the page is initially loaded by a browser. You'll add the event handler attribute for
this function to the opening <body> tag in the HTML file now.
To insert the event handler:
1. Within the opening <body> tag in the hanjie.htm file, insert the following
2. Save your changes to the file.
Next, you'll create the init() function. The function will display the title, hint, difficulty
level, and Web table for the first of the three puzzles. Rebecca already has placed the
following elements in her Web page to contain this information:
<div id=”hint”></div>
<div id=”rating”></div>
<figure id=”puzzle”></figure>
The puzzle title will be placed within the first h1 element on the page. The hint and
rating values will be displayed within div elements with id attribute values of hint and
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