HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
13. Within the fi rst paragraph, mark the names Leonhard Euler and Jean Bernoulli using
the strong element. Mark the phrase 800 different topics and papers as emphasized
text using the em element.
14. In the second paragraph, mark the phrase Introductio in analysin infi nitorum (1748)
as a citation.
15. In the phrase Lettres a une princesse d'Allemagne , replace the one-letter word a
with à (the character entity name is agrave ). Mark the entire publication name as a
16. In the third paragraph, mark the notation for e as a var element and replace pi with
the character π (the character reference name is pi ).
17. Enclose the next section of text from the line The Most Beautiful Theorem? up to (but
not including) the line Math High: A Site for Educators and Researchers as an aside.
18. Mark the text The Most Beautiful Theorem? as an h1 heading.
19. Mark the next fi ve blocks of text as individual paragraphs.
20. In the fi rst equation, mark the letters e , i , and x using the var element (but do not
italicize the i in sin ). Mark the term (ix) as a superscript.
21. In the second equation, replace pi with the character π . Mark the letters e and i using
the var element. Mark ( πi ) as a superscript.
22. In the last paragraph, mark the notations for e and i with the var element and
replace pi with π .
23. Mark the journal name The Mathematical Intelligencer as a citation.
24. Mark the fi nal line in the fi le as a footer.
25. Save your changes to the fi le, and then verify that the page appears correctly in your
Web browser.
26. Submit your completed fi les to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
Apply your
knowledge of
HTML to create
a page showing
text from a scene
of a Shakespeare
Case Problem 2
Data Files needed for the Case Problem: macbeth.jpg, macbethtxt.htm, macstyles.css,
Mansfi eld Classical Theatre Steve Karls is the director of Mansfi eld Classical Theatre,
a theatre company for young people located in Mansfi eld, Ohio. This summer the com-
pany is planning to perform the Shakespeare play Macbeth . Steve wants to put the text
of the play on the company's Web site and has asked for your help in designing and
completing the Web page. Steve wants a separate page for each scene from the play. A
preview of the page you'll create for Act I, Scene 1 is shown in Figure 1-50. Steve has
already typed the text of the scene. He needs you to supply the HTML code.
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