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7. Save your changes to the file, and then return to the lunar.htm file in your text editor.
Scroll down to the summary table in the body of the document. Add the following to
the table:
a. In the table's title cell, display the text today: today , where today is the date from
the cDay variable formatted using the writeDate() function.
b. In the lunarimg cell, display the lunar image for the date specified by cDay . (Hint:
Use the calcMPhase() function to return the phase number of the image.)
c. In the cell next to the Moon's Age label, display the text age days , where age is
the age of the Moon on cDay . (Hint: Use the calcMAge() function.)
d. In the cell next to the Right Ascension label, display the text ra° , where ra is the
right ascension of the Moon on cDay . (Hint: Use the calcMRA() function.)
e. In the cell next to the Declination label, display the text dec° , where dec is the
declination of the Moon on cDay . (Hint: Use the calcMDec() function.)
f. In the cell next to the In Constellation label, display the text zodiac , where zodiac
is the constellation that the Moon resides in on cDay . (Hint: Use the
calcMZodiac() function.)
g. In the cell next to the Distance label, display the text distance , where distance is
the distance from the Earth to the Moon in Earth radii on cDay . (Hint: Use the
calcMDist() function.)
h. Scroll down to the figure box. Within this element, insert a script that calls the
function lunar_calendar() for the date specified by cDay.
8. Go to the calendar.css file in your text editor, and then create the styles required for
your lunar calendar. You can use the calendar.css file from the tutorial as a model, or
you can create a layout that you choose. Save your changes.
9. Open lunar.htm in your Web browser. Verify that the lunar calendar and the Moon
data follow the information shown in Figure 12-39.
10. Return to the lunar.htm file in your text editor and modify the value of the cDay vari-
able so that it displays the current date rather than December 14, 2015.
11. Submit your completed Web site to your instructor, in either printed or electronic
form, as requested.
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