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10. Save your changes to the file, and then return to the election.htm file in your text
editor. Scroll down the document. After the Congressional Races h1 heading, insert a
script element containing the following commands:
a. Call the showresults() function using race[0] , name1 , party1 , and votes1 as the
parameter values.
b. Repeat the previous command for the remaining four races, using race[1] through
race[4] as the parameter values for the race parameter, party2 through party5 for
the party parameter, name2 through name5 for the name parameter, and votes2
through votes5 for the votes parameter.
11. Save your changes to the file, and then open election.htm in your Web browser.
Verify that the correct percentage appears for each candidate, and that a horizontal
bar chart representing the percent value is displayed next to each candidate.
12. Submit your completed Web site to your instructor, in either printed or electronic
form, as requested.
Case Problem 3
Explore how to
use JavaScript
to create an
auction log.
Data Files needed for this case Problem: ahstyles.css, aucttxt.htm, bidstxt.js, logo.jpg,
Schmitt AuctionHaus David Schmitt owns Schmitt AuctionHaus, an auction center
located in rural Indiana that specializes in estate and farm sales and auctions. He has
been looking at ways to improve the bidding process for silent auctions in which appli-
cants enter their names and bids for various items. David wants to create a Web page
containing bidding information on various items at the auction center. The bidding could
be displayed on a kiosk or terminal in the auction center, giving customers a quick look
at the current status of different items for sale.
David has asked you to help design a Web form to track bids for a sales item. The
form should include the name of the item, the current highest bid, a list of the bidding
history for the item, and a form in which new bids can be entered. Because mistakes
are sometimes made when entering a bid, David wants the ability to remove the last bid
from the list. Figure 12-38 shows a preview of a sample page you'll create for David.
Figure 12-38
auctionHaus bidding app
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