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7. Document your code using descriptive comments. Close the file, saving your
changes, and then return to the clist.htm file in your text editor.
8. Add a script element to link to the tables.js file you created.
9. Scroll down to the figure box for the contribution totals. Within the figure box, insert
a script element that runs the showSummary() function.
10. Scroll down to the figure box for the contributors data list. Within the figure box,
insert a script element that runs the showTable() function.
11. Save your changes to the file, and then open clist.htm in your Web browser. Verify
that the summary and contributor list tables appear as shown in Figure 12-36.
12. Submit your completed files to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
Case Problem 2
Use arrays, loops,
and conditional
to create a
bar chart.
Data Files needed for this case Problem: back.jpg, bartxt.js, electtxt.htm, logo.jpg,
modernizr-1.5.js, results.css, votes.js
VoterWeb VoterWeb is an online source for election news and results from national,
state, and local races. Faye Summerall is one manager of the Web site development
team. Faye wants to add horizontal bar charts to the Web pages displaying election
results. The length of each bar should correspond to the percentage of votes that a can-
didate receives in a given race. She has asked you to develop a JavaScript program that
automatically writes the bar chart. Figure 12-37 shows a preview of the Web page for a
series of Congressional races.
Figure 12-37
bar charts on voterweb
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