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To write the calendar days:
1. Below the last comment in the writeCalDays() function, add the following com-
mands as shown in Figure 12-26:
var totalDays = daysInMonth(calendarDay);
for (var i = 1; i <= totalDays; i++) {
// Move to the next day in the month
weekDay = day.getDay();
if (weekDay == 0) document.write(“<tr>”); // start a new row on
document.write(“<td class='calendar_dates'>” + i + “</td>”);
if (weekDay == 6) document.write(“</tr>”); // end the row on
Figure 12-26
writing table cells for each day in the month
Next, you'll call the writeCalDays() function from within the calendar() function
and view the results.
2. Scroll up to the calendar() function and then insert the following statements as
shown in Figure 12-27:
// Write the calendar days
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