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Working with Conditional Statements
• To test a single condition, use the construction
if ( condition ) {
where condition is a Boolean expression and commands is a command block run if
the conditional expression is true.
• To test between two conditions, use the following construction:
if ( condition ) {
commands if condition is true
} else {
commands if not true
• To test multiple conditions, use the construction
if ( condition 1 ) {
first command block
} else if ( condition 2 ) {
second command block
} else if ( condition 3 ) {
third command block
} else {
default command block
where condition 1 , condition 2 , condition 3 , and so on are the different condi-
tions to be tested. If no conditional expressions return the value true , the default
command block is run.
You now have all of the tools you need to complete the calendar app. The only remain-
ing task involves writing out the table cells containing the calendar days so that they're
organized into separate rows. You'll complete the calendar app in the next section.
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