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To revise the calendar() function:
1. Insert the following statement at the beginning of the calendar() function to cre-
ate the calDate variable:
// Date that the monthly calendar is based on
var calDate = new Date(“July 6, 2015”);
2. Insert the following command to call the writeCalTitle() function, as shown in
Figure 12-9:
// Write the header row of the calendar table
Figure 12-9
revised calendar() function
calls the writeCalTitle()
function to write the
table header row
3. Save your changes to the file.
4. Reopen or refresh ccc.htm in your Web browser. The calendar table appears in
the upper-right corner of the page, displaying only the title July 2015 . See
Figure 12-10.
Figure 12-10
table header row
Trouble? If the table does not appear in the Web page, your JavaScript code
might contain a mistake. Check your code against the code shown in the figures.
Common sources of error include forgetting to close all quoted text strings, failing
to match the use of upper- and lowercase letters in function names and variable
names, misspelling function names and variable names, and failing to close paren-
theses and brackets when required.
Next, you'll study other properties and methods associated with arrays.
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