HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure Ac1-4
Young Notes events page
15. Within the second paragraph directly above the cite element, insert an audio element
using the chopin.mp3 and chopin.ogg files as sources. Display the audio controls along
with the audio.
16. For browsers that do not support the HTML5 audio element, insert within that element
an object element 350 pixels wide by 21 pixels high to play the chopin.swf file.
17. For browsers that do not support the object element, nest within that element an
embed element to play the chopin.swf file. Specify the MIME type of the embed ele-
ment as a Shockwave Flash player.
18. Save your changes to the file, and then return to the ystyles.css file in your text
editor. Add a style rule to the bottom of the file to display the audio , object , and
embed elements as blocks. Center those three elements by setting the top and bot-
tom margins to 15 pixels , and the left and right margins to auto .
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