HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
b. Set the background color of the table heading row group to ivory .
c. Vertically align the text of all table header and table data cells with the top of the
cell. Add 5 pixels of padding to those cells. Surround those cells with a 1-pixel-
wide solid black border.
d. Right-align the contents of the second and third data cells within each row. (Hint:
Use the nth-of-type pseudo-class in your selector.)
e. Change the background color of table columns belonging to the feeColumns class
to the value (232, 232, 255) .
11. Close the file, saving your changes, and then in your browser, view the lessons
page. Verify that the layout and format of the Web table resemble that shown in
Figure AC1-2.
The staff.htm file contains the code for the Young Notes staff page. The biogra-
phies of four staff members will appear within an aside element. The code for the
four bio sketches has already been created for you. Figure AC1-3 shows a preview of
the completed staff page.
Figure Ac1-3
Young Notes staff page
12. To create the style for the biographical sketches, return to the ystyles.css file in your
text editor. At the bottom of the file, add a style rule for the aside element that sets
the height of the element to 250 pixels . Have browsers automatically display scroll
bars if the element's content exceeds the 250-pixel height.
13. Save your changes to the style sheet, and then view the staff.htm file in your
browser. Verify that your page resembles that shown in Figure AC1-3.
14. Go to the events.htm file in your text editor. This file lists the upcoming events
sponsored by Young Notes. Brenda wants you to add an embedded sound clip from
a concert performed last year. Figure AC1-4 shows a preview of the page with the
embedded sound clip.
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