HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
d. Insert a command to write the HTML code
<aƒhref=” url ”>
ƒƒƒ<imgƒsrc=”ad n .jpg”ƒalt=” description ”/>
to the Web document, where url is the value of the rLink variable, n is the value
of the rNumber variable, and description is the value of the rAd variable.
5. Save your changes to the file.
6. Open front.htm in your Web browser. Refresh the Web page multiple times, verify-
ing that different banner ads appear each time the page is refreshed. Debug your
code as necessary.
7. Submit your completed files to your instructor.
Explore how to
write a script
to display the
daily calendar
of events at a
student union.
Case Problem 3
Data Files needed for the case problem: back.jpg, friday.htm, functions.js, modernizr-1.5.js,
monday.htm, mw.css, saturday.htm, schedule.css, sunday.htm, thursday.htm, todaytxt.htm,
tuesday.htm, wednesday.htm
MidWest Student Union Sean Lee manages the Web site for the student union at
MidWest University in Salina, Kansas. The student union provides daily activities for the
students on campus. As Web site manager, part of Sean's job is to keep the Web site up to
date on the latest activities sponsored by the union. At the beginning of each week, she
revises a set of seven Web pages detailing the events for each day in the upcoming week.
Sean would like the Web site to display the current day's schedule in an inline frame within
the Web page titled Today at the Union. To do this, her Web page must be able to deter-
mine the day of the week and then load the appropriate file into the frame. She would also
like the Today at the Union page to display the current day and date. Figure 10-39 shows a
preview of the page she wants you to create.
Figure 10-39
MidWest student Union daily events
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