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The stringReverse() function appears to be working correctly. Of course, you don't
want the e-mail addresses to be reversed in the rendered document; you want those
addresses to appear correctly. Instead, you want the code within the document reversed
to thwart e-mail harvesters. This means that you need to enter the usernames and e-mail
server names in reverse order.
To change the userName and emServer parameter values:
1. Return to the mpl.htm file in your text editor.
2. Scroll down the file to the script element for Catherine Adler's e-mail address
and change the value of the userName parameter from cadler to reldac . Change
the value of the emServer parameter from to vog.lpm .
3. Change the parameter values for Michael Li's e-mail address to ilekim and vog.lpm .
4. Change the parameter values for Katherine Howard's e-mail address to drawohk
and vog.lpm .
5. Change the parameter values for Robert Hope's e-mail address to epohr and
vog.lpm .
6. Change the parameter values for Wayne Lewis's e-mail address to siwelw and
vog.lpm .
7. Finally, change the parameter values for Bill Forth's e-mail address to htrofb and
vog.lpm . Figure 10-25 highlights the revised code in the file.
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