HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Session 10.1 Quick Check
1. What is a client-side program? What is a server-side program?
2. What tag do you enter in your HTML code to create a script element for the
JavaScript programming language?
3. What JavaScript command would you enter to write the following tag to a Web
4. Why would the following command produce an error message?
5. What code should you enter in an HTML file to write the following HTML code
for browsers that don't support JavaScript?
6. Specify the JavaScript command to declare a variable named weekday with an
initial value equal to the text string Friday .
7. Describe two uses of the + symbol.
8. What are the four data types supported by JavaScript?
9. Specify the JavaScript command to write the code
<imgƒsrc=' file 'ƒalt=''ƒ/>ƒ
to a Web page, where file is the value stored in the fileName variable.
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