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You can also use the + symbol to combine a variable with a text string and then write
the combined text string to the document. The following statements use the libName
variable and the ƒdocument.write() method to write the text string <p>Welcome to the
Monroe Library</p> to the Web document:
You can use the document.write() method with the variables you've already created
to write the hypertext link for Catherine Adler's e-mail address. The code is as follows:
If the text string is stored in the emLink variable, these commands
will write the following HTML to the Web page:
Notice that the document.write() method nests single quotes within double quotes
so that the HTML code written to the Web page places the value of the href attribute
within a set of single quotation marks. You'll add this JavaScript code to the Web page
now, replacing the previous commands.
To replace the document.write() commands in the script:
1. Return to the mpl.htm file in your text editor.
2. Replace the three document.write() statements in the script with the following
code, as shown in Figure 10-15:
Make sure that you
enclose single quotes
within a set of double
quotes so that the single
quotes appear in the
rendered HTML code.
document.write(“<aƒhref= ' mailto:”ƒ+ƒemLinkƒ+ƒ“ ' >”);
Figure 10-15
Writing the value of the emLink variable to the Web page
3. Save your changes to the file and then reload mpl.htm in your Web browser. The
hypertext link for Catherine Adler's e-mail address should remain unchanged
from what was shown earlier in Figure 10-11.
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