HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3. Locate the img element for the firework.gif image, add the attribute
and then change the tag to a one-sided tag. Figure 9-17 shows the revised code in
the file.
figure 9-17
Modifying the img elements in the document
syntax error for one-sided
<img /> tag corrected
required alt attribute for
img element added and
syntax error fixed
4. Save your changes to the file.
5. Return to your Web browser, and then refresh or reload the Web page to resubmit
the validation check on the works.htm file. You might be queried as to whether or
not you wish to resend the previous information. If so, click the Retry or OK button.
Trouble? If clicking the Refresh or Reload button does not resubmit the page for
testing, you can click the Browse button on the form to reselect the works.htm file
from the tutorial.09\tutorial folder and then click the Revalidate button.
Figure 9-18 shows the new validation report.
figure 9-18
Results of the second validation test
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