HTML and CSS Reference
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figure 8-69
Printout of skyWeb page
Use your text editor to open the swprinttxt.css file. Enter your name and the date in
the comment section of the file, and then save it as swprint.css .
9. Set the page size of the printout to 8.5
11 inches in portrait orientation with a
margin of 0.5 inches.
10. Hide the navigation list and the footer in the printout.
11. Dr. Weiss wants the SkyWeb logo to appear at the top of every page. Create a style
rule for the inline image within the page header, placing the image using fixed posi-
tioning and setting the location of the image to 0 inches from the top edge and
2 inches from the left edge. (Note: WebKit browsers including Google Chrome and
Safari do not support the display of headers on each page using fixed positioning.)
12. Display every article element with a top padding space of 1.5 inches. Add page
breaks after every article and avoid placing page breaks within the article.
13. Display paragraphs within each article with a font size of 13 points and a margin of
0.2 inches.
14. Display the h1 heading within the left section in a 28-point font and horizontally
centered on the page.
15. For h1 headings within the right section, set the font size to 24 points.
16. Add the following style rule for inline images within the right section: a) display the
image as a block; b) set the width of the image to 4 inches; and c) set the top and
bottom margins to 0.5 inches, and set the left and right margins to auto .
17. Display every hypertext link in black and in italic.
18. Dr. Weiss wants the printout to show the URL of every hypertext link. For every
hypertext link, use the after pseudo-class and the content style property to add
the text of the link's URL in the format ( url ) , where url is the text of the link's href
19. Save your changes to the style sheet, and then return to the messier.htm file in your
text editor. Add a link to the swprint.css style sheet file.
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