HTML and CSS Reference
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Apply your
knowledge of
CSS3 and print
styles to design
an astronomy
Web site.
Case Problem 3
Data files needed for this case Problem: m01.jpg, m13.jpg, m16.jpg, m20.jpg,
m27.jpg, m31.jpg, messier.png, messtxt.htm, modernizr-1.5.js, skyweb.png, swbase.css,
sweffectstxt.css, swlayout.css, swprinttxt.css
SkyWeb Dr. Andrew Weiss of Central Ohio University maintains an astronomy site
called SkyWeb for the students in his class. On his Web site, he discusses many aspects
of astronomy and stargazing. He wants your help with one page that involves the Messier
catalog, which lists the deep sky objects of particular interest to professional and amateur
Dr. Weiss wants you to modify the appearance of his page by adding several radial gra-
dients to the page background, giving the illusion of deep sky objects on a medium gray
background. Figure 8-68 shows a preview of the design you'll create for Dr. Weiss.
figure 8-68
skyWeb page with radial gradients
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