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figure 8-47
Preview of Kevin's proposed mobile design
portrait orientation
landscape orientation
Testing a Mobile Design
The easiest way to create and test a mobile design is to go out and purchase all of the
popular mobile devices on the market and load your page on each one. Though this
is the easiest, it's also the most expensive! While a Web designer may have one smart-
phone, it's uncommon to have 10. The next best thing to having the actual device is to
acquire an sDK or software development kit , which is a set of development tools that
you can use to create applications for software programs, devices, or hardware platforms.
SDKs are available for download for all major mobile devices. With the SDKs, you can
develop and test your Web site designs and create your own custom mobile Web apps
without actually owning the hardware device.
To assist you in developing your mobile application, most SDKs also include an
emulator , which is a software program that runs on a desktop computer and emulates
the actions of another hardware device. With an emulator, you can run many smart-
phone apps right on your PC or Mac. A simpler version of an emulator is a simulator ,
which simulates some of the behavior of a device but does not emulate the operations
of the hardware. Figure 8-48 lists some of the SDKs, emulators, and simulators avail-
able on the Web at the time of this writing.
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