HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Session 8.2 Quick Check
1. Provide a CSS3 style rule to add a border image around every blockquote
element. The image should be taken from a 15-pixel-wide slice of the
borders.png file. Have the side images stretch to fit the border space, and set the
border width to 10 pixels.
2. Provide a CSS3 style rule to display the aside element at 80% opacity.
3. What HTML attribute should you use to apply a style sheet to an aural device
such as a screen reader?
4. Which media devices belong to the continuous and visual groups?
5. Which media types would be most appropriate for Web browsers designed for
the visually impaired?
6. Provide a style to set the page size of a printed document to 11 inches wide by
14 inches high in landscape orientation with 1.5-inch margins.
7. Provide a style rule to insert a page break before every h1 heading in a
8. In page design, what is a widow? What is an orphan?
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