HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
figure 8-32
torn paper border image around the main photo
border-image: url(borderimg.png) 50 repeat;
Trouble? If you are running Internet Explorer, you will not see a torn paper bor-
der around the photo.
Creating Semi-Transparent Objects
The last visual effect that Kevin wants you to add to the Tree and Book Web page is to
make the two photos at the bottom of the page, which have the ids photo4 and photo5 ,
appear semi-transparent so that part of the background gradient appears through the
photos. You've already worked with semi-transparent colors for several different projects.
CSS3 also supports the style
opacity: value ;
to make any page object semi-transparent, where value ranges from 0 (completely trans-
parent) up to 1 (completely opaque).
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