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Figure 1-19
Paragraphs in the Web page
Marking a Block Quote
Next, Dave wants you to enter a few select quotes from his satisfi ed customers. You mark
extended quotes with the HTML blockquote element, which uses the syntax
<blockquote> content </blockquote>
where content is the text of the quote. Most browsers render block quotes by indenting
them to make it easier for readers to separate quoted material from the author's own words.
You'll add the customer comments as block quotes.
To create the customer comment block quotes:
1. Return to the jprop.htm file in your text editor.
2. Scroll down to the aside element, and after the paragraph within that element,
insert the following block quote, as shown in Figure 1-20:
<p>”I'm more than happy to recommend Dave Vinet's
products. I came upon his work 10 years ago and
was immediately impressed by his craftsmanship.
He provides well-balanced and attractive
props which are the perfect complement to my
<p>”Dave Vinet makes the best juggling equipment on
the planet. Period.”
<p>”David has been my main supplier for 20 years. I
have never had a problem with his equipment and
his service is impeccable.”
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