HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
5. Save your changes to the file, and then load the roadways.htm file in a browser that
supports HTML5 video. Verify that you can play the video clip of the drive up Trail
Ridge Road.
6. Display the file in a browser that doesn't support HTML5 but does support Flash.
Verify that you can view and play the Flash video of the ride up Trail Ridge Road.
7. Disable Flash in your browser and verify that the browser displays the message that
you need to get Adobe Flash Player.
8. Re-enable Flash in your browser. Submit your completed files to your instructor, in
either printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 3
Explore how to
use a Java applet
to create a Web
page describing
the mathematics
of fractals.
data Files needed for this case Problem: cmplx.class, controls.class, fback.jpg, flogo.
jpg, FracPanel.class, fractaltxt.htm, fstyles.css, Mandel.class, mandel.mp4, mandel.swf,
mandel.webm, modernizr-1.5.js, zoom.png
Franklin High School Fractals are geometric objects that closely model the seemingly
chaotic world of nature. Doug Hefstadt, a mathematics teacher at Franklin High School
in Lake Forest, Illinois, has just begun a unit on fractals for his senior math class. He's
used the topic of fractals to construct a Web page to be placed on the school network,
and he needs your help to complete the Web page. He has a video clip of a fractal that
he wants placed in the Web page, along with a Java applet that allows students to inter-
actively explore the Mandelbrot Set, a type of fractal object. He wants your assistance
with putting these two objects in his Web page. A preview of the page you'll create is
shown in Figure 7-47.
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