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Review Assignments
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you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
data Files needed for the review assignments: astairetxt.htm, creditroll.class,
embedtxt.css, fa1.gif-fa5.gif, fabio.css, fasong.mp3, fasong.ogg, fasong.swf, filmlist.txt,
hatrack.mp4, hatrack.swf, hatrack.webm, jplogo.png, modernizr-1.5.js, popcorn.jpg,
Maxine has been working on the Jumbo Popcorn Web site for several weeks now. She
has come back to you for help with completing another page. This page will feature the
life of Fred Astaire. She has created a sound clip and a video clip that she wants you to
embed in the Web page. She's also interested in creating another scrolling marquee, this
one listing some of the many movies that Fred Astaire starred in during his life. A preview
of the page you'll create is shown in Figure 7-44.
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