HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Session 7.2 Quick Check
1. Define the terms frame , frame rate , video bit rate , and codec .
2. Why does saving Web video at a high frame rate and video bit rate not always
result in high-quality video playback?
3. What is a container file? Which three container file formats are currently sup-
ported under HTML5 video?
4. Provide the code to insert the file trailer.mp4 or trailer.webm as an HTML5 video.
5. Describe some of the benefits and limitations of using Shockwave Flash to
embed Web video.
6. Provide the code to embed the file trailer.swf as a Web page object. Set the
dimensions of the Flash player to 350 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.
7. What parameter would you enter to cause the Flash player to start playing the
movie automatically when the page loads?
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