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The Flash Player that Maxine created for her Web site has a few interesting features.
She customized the video control buttons, and she placed the Jumbo Popcorn logo in the
lower-right corner of the player. This demonstrates a few of the features of Flash that have
made it so popular for designers who want to customize the multimedia on their Web sites.
Nesting a Hypertext Link
Finally, Maxine is concerned about browsers that don't support HTML5 video or Shockwave
Flash. For those users, you can create a hypertext link directing them to a location where
they can download and install the Flash player. The link should be nested within the object
element, which itself is nested within the video element; thus, only users who run browsers
supporting neither HTML5 video nor the Flash player will see the link.
To add the hypertext link:
1. Return to the jumbo.htm file in your text editor.
2. Directly after the last parameter element, insert the following hypertext link as
shown in Figure 7-31:
You must have the
<a href=””>
Shockwave Player
to play the video clip.
Figure 7-31
code nested within the object element
code used by
brow s ers that
support neither
HTML5 nor Flash
3. Save your changes to the file, and then return to a Web browser that does not
support HTML5 video.
4. If necessary, disable the Shockwave Player add-on from the browser, and then
reload the jumbo.htm file. As shown in Figure 7-32, the browser should now dis-
play a hypertext link to the site where users can download the Shockwave Player.
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