HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Apply your
knowledge of
Web forms to
design a form
for a demo
page displaying
the impact of
different CSS text
Case Problem 3
Data files needed for this case Problem: back.png, cssdemotxt.htm, cssforms.css,
modernizr-1.5.js, rundemo.js, wm.css, wmlogo.png
WidgetMage Anna Lopez is the founder of WidgetMage, a Web site that specializes in
designing small demos and applications for Web sites. Anna has asked you to work on
creating a CSS demo page in which users can interactively select style values and see
their effects on the page. Anna already has the JavaScript code written to make the demo
page work and a style sheet for the Web form. She wants you to finish her project by
writing the HTML code for the Web form. A preview of the page you'll create is shown
in Figure 6-80. In this page, you'll enter sample text into a text area box and then select
style values from the form controls in the page. The page shown in Figure 6-80 is based
on the Opera browser.
figure 6-80
widgetmage css demo page in Opera
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