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Data files needed for the review assignments: delivery.png, formsubmit.js, full.png,
left.png, modernizr-1.5.js, none.png, okay.png, ordertxt.htm, pizzatxt.css, redball.css,
redball.png, regex.txt, right.png, sizes.png, warning.png
Alice wants you to start working on an order form for customers who want to place their
orders online using the Red Ball Pizza Web site. She suggests that you create a prototype
page in which customers can enter their contact information for delivery and provide the
ingredients for the pizza they want Red Ball Pizza to make for them. Alice wants you to
validate the Web form as much as possible before it is sent to the Web server. She has
created the file regex.txt , which contains regular expression patterns for validating the
customer's phone number and preferred time of delivery.
A preview of the form you'll create is shown in Figure 6-77 as it appears in the Opera
figure 6-77
build your Own Pizza form
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