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Add an input box for the favDish field to the survey form now and augment it with a
data list of suggested Red Ball Pizza dishes.
To create a data list:
1. Return to the survey.htm file in your text editor. Directly below the input box for
the ordersPerMonth field, insert the following code (see Figure 6-61):
<label for=”favDish”>What's your favorite Red Ball dish?</label>
<input name=”favDish” id=”favDish” list=”dishType” />
<datalist id=”dishType”>
<option value=”Antipasto Pizza” />
<option value=”Big Kahuna Pizza” />
<option value=”BBQ Chicken Pizza” />
<option value=”Mediterranean Herb Pizza” />
<option value=”Pasta Rolls” />
<option value=”Pesto Artichoke Pizza” />
<option value=”Sal's Stuffed Pizza” />
<option value=”Wing'd Pizza” />
figure 6-61
adding a data list
access es the
dishType data list
data list of text
2. Save your changes to the file and then reopen survey.htm in the Firefox or Opera
Web browser.
3. Click the input box for the favDish field and type the letter p . In Opera, the
browser displays a list of two menu items that begin with the letter P (see
Figure 6-62). In Firefox, the browser displays any option that contains the letter P,
not just options that begin with the letter P.
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