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figure 6-51
applying the date data type
input box contains a date
3. Save your changes to the file.
4. If you have access to the Opera, Chrome for Windows, or BlackBerry browser, or
another browser that supports calendar data types, open the survey.htm file in
the browser and click the input box for the date of the customer's visit to Red Ball
Pizza. As shown in Figure 6-52, Opera displays a calendar object from which a
user can select the date of the visit.
figure 6-52
calendar widget in the Opera browser
Trouble? If you are using other browsers, the input box might be treated as a
text box with no calendar object displayed.
Browsers that don't support the various date and time data types display text boxes
just as they did before the introduction of HTML5. Once again, nothing is lost by switch-
ing to one of the new date and time data types, and something is gained for customers
using one of the browsers that support those types.
Using the number Data Type
Next, you'll record the number of times a typical Red Ball Pizza customer dines out per
month. Because this is a numeric value, Alice wants you to use the number data type.
Input boxes with the number data type are displayed using a spinner control in which
users click an up or down arrow to increase or decrease the field value, respectively.
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