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For example, to mark the header of your Web page, you would enter a header ele-
ment within the page body, using the syntax
header content
where header content is the page content that you want displayed within the page
header. One of the reasons we want to defi ne these structural elements is that we can
write styles for them and defi ne the layout of the Web page content.
Marking Structural Elements in HTML5
• To mark the page header, use the header element.
• To mark the page footer, use the footer element.
• To mark a main section of page content, use the section element.
• To mark a sidebar, use the aside element.
• To mark an article, use the article element.
Based on Dave's sample document shown in Figure 1-8, you'll add the header ,
section , aside , and footer structural elements to your HTML fi le.
To insert the HTML5 structural elements:
1. Return to the jprop.htm file in your text editor.
2. Within the body element, insert the following tags as shown in Figure 1-10:
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