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figure 6-47
current appearance of the survey form
4. Click the check box control and the associated label to confirm that you can alter-
nately select and deselect the check box.
Written Communication: Creating Effective Forms
Web forms are one of the main ways of getting feedback from your users, so it's important
for the forms to be friendly and easy to use. A well-designed form often can be the differ-
ence between a new customer and a disgruntled user who leaves your site to go elsewhere.
Here are some tips to remember when designing a form:
• Mark fields that are required, but also limit their number. Don't overwhelm your users with
requests for information that is not really essential. Keep your forms short and to the point.
• Use the autofocus attribute to place users automatically into the first field of your form,
rather than forcing them to click that field.
• Many users will navigate through your form using the Tab key. Make sure that your tab
order is logical and easy for users to follow.
• Provide detailed instructions about what users are expected to do. Don't assume that
your form is self-explanatory.
• If you ask for personal data and financial information, provide clear assurances that the data
will be secure. If possible, provide a link to a Web page describing your security practices.
• If you need to collect a lot of information, break the form into manageable sections
spread out over several pages. Allow users to easily move backward and forward through
the form without losing data. Provide information to users indicating where they are as
they progress through your pages.
• Clearly indicate what users will receive once a form is submitted, and provide feedback
on the Web site and through e-mail that tells them when their data has been successfully
Finally, every Web form should undergo usability testing before it is made available to
the general public. Weed out any mistakes and difficulties before your users see the form.
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