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where type is either hard or soft . In a hard wrap, information about where the text
begins a new line is included with the data field value, while in a soft wrap this infor-
mation is not included. When a hard wrap is used, the cols attribute also needs to
be specified. Many browsers also support the off wrap type to prevent browsers from
wrapping text within a text area box, though it is not part of any HTML specification. The
default value of the wrap attribute is soft .
Creating a Text Area Box
• To create a text area box for multiple lines of text, use the element
<textarea name=” name ”>
where name is the name of the field associated with the text area box and text is the
default text that appears in the box.
• To specify the dimensions of the box, add the attributes
rows=” value ” cols=” value
to the textarea element, where the rows attribute specifies the number of lines in
the text area box and the cols attribute specifies the number of characters per line.
• To specify how the field value should handle wrapped text, use the attribute
wrap=” type
where type is either hard (to include the locations of the line wraps) or soft (to
ignore line wrap locations).
You'll add a textarea element to the survey form to store the customer comments.
You'll also set the width and the height of the element using a CSS style rule.
To create the comments text area box:
1. Return to the survey.htm file in your text editor.
2. Directly below the fieldset element for the foodHot option group you just cre-
ated, enter the following code (see Figure 6-42):
<label for=”comments”>Tell us more about your experience!</label>
<textarea name=”comments” id=”comments”></textarea>
figure 6-42
creating a text area control
comments field
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