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figure 6-35
creating a group of option buttons
HTML code
rendered option buttons
In this sample code, all of the option buttons are associated with the party field with
values of dem , rep , and ind , respectively. The option buttons are organized within a field
set, and each label within the field set is linked to a specific option button control using
the for and id attributes. When you link a label to an option button, users can select
the option by clicking either the label or the option button. For example, clicking on the
label text Democrat would cause a browser to select the demoOption option button.
Creating a Group of Option Buttons
• To create a group of option buttons associated with a single field, add the input
<input type=”radio” name=” name ” value=” value1 ” />
<input type=”radio” name=” name ” value=” value2 ” />
<input type=”radio” name=” name ” value=” value3 ” />
where name is the name of the data field, and value1 , value2 , value3 , etc. are the
field values associated with each option.
• To specify the default option, add the checked attribute to the input element as
You'll create option buttons now for the serviceFriendly field to record whether
a customer was treated well by the Red Ball Pizza staff. To keep the control elements
for the option buttons organized as a group, you'll nest them and their labels within a
fieldset element with the class name optionGroup .
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