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3. Save your changes to the file and then reopen survey.htm in your Web browser.
Verify that you can now select multiple items from the information source list using
the ctrl+click, command+click, or shift+click keyboard and mouse combinations.
Grouping Selection Options
In long selection lists, it can be difficult for users to locate a particular option value. You
can organize selection list options by placing them in option groups using the optgroup
<optgroup label=” label1 ”>
<optgroup label=” label2 ”>
where label1 , label2 , and so forth are the labels for the different groups of options.
The text of the label appears in the selection list above each group of items but is not a
selectable item from the list. Figure 6-34 shows an example of a selection list in which
the options are divided into two groups.
figure 6-34
Organizing a selection list with option groups
HTML code
rendered selection list
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