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Defi ning the Structure of the Page Body
Now that you've marked the document head and inserted a page title, you'll turn to the
contents of the body of the Web page. It's always a good idea to plan your Web page
before you start coding it. You can do this by drawing a sketch or by creating a sample
document within a word processor. Your preparatory work can weed out textual errors
or point to potential problems in your page layout. In this case, Dave has already drawn
up a fl yer that he's passed out at juggling and circus conventions. Figure 1-7 shows the
handout, which provides information about Dave's company and his products.
Figure 1-7
Dave's fl yer
Dave's fl yer contains several elements that are common to many Web pages, as
shown in Figure 1-8. A header displays the company's logo and a footer displays contact
information for the J-Prop Shop. The main section, which describes Dave's business,
includes several subsections, also known as articles. A second section that appears as a
sidebar displays quotes from some J-Prop customers.
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