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To create placeholders for the survey form:
1. Return to the survey.htm file in your text editor and scroll to the input element
for the custname field. Add the following attribute to the <input> tag:
placeholder=”first and last name”
2. Add the attribute placeholder=”nnnnn (-nnnn)” to the input element for the
zip field.
3. Add the attribute placeholder=”(nnn) nnn-nnnn” to the input element for the
phone field.
4. Finally, add the attribute placeholder=”re-nnnnnn” to the input element for
the receipt field. Figure 6-23 highlights the newly added code in the survey form.
figure 6-23
adding placeholders to the survey form
place h older text
for the phone field
5. Save your changes to the file and then refresh survey.htm in your Web browser.
As shown in Figure 6-24, placeholder text has been added to the custname, zip,
phone , and receipt input boxes. Notice that placeholder text is distinguished
from default text by appearing in a grayed-out font.
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