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Next, you'll add text input boxes for the date of the customer's visit to Red Ball Pizza
and the receipt number of the order. The names for these data fields are visitdate and
receipt , respectively.
To add the input boxes for the customer information:
1. Within the Share Your Experience at Red Ball Pizza field set, insert the following
input boxes (see Figure 6-13):
Date of visit
<input name=”visitdate” id=”visitdate” />
Receipt number *
<input name=”receipt” id=”receipt” />
figure 6-13
inserting input boxes to record the customer's experience
2. Save your changes to the file and then refresh survey.htm in your Web browser.
3. Test the controls by typing your firßt and laßt name in the Name input box.
Figure 6-14 shows the newly inserted control elements in the form with sample
text in the custname field.
figure 6-14
input boxes with sample customer name
descriptive text
input text box with
sample text
Note that browsers treat all form control elements as text-level elements, so the input
boxes that you created for the survey form appear within the same line rather than in
separate blocks.
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