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Case Problem 3
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: bottom.jpg, bottomleft.jpg, bottomright.jpg,
dhomelogo.png, dhometxt.htm, dome.css, dtabletxt.css, left.jpg, modernizr-1.5.js,
right.jpg, tableback.png, top.jpg, topleft.jpg, topright.jpg
dHome, Inc. Olivia Moore is the director of advertising for dHome, one of the nation's
newest manufacturers of geodesic dome houses. She's hired you to work on the com-
pany's Web site. Olivia has provided you with all of the text you need for the Web page,
and your job is to design the page's layout. You'll start by designing a draft of the com-
pany's home page. Olivia wants the page to include information about dHome's pricing
structure for various dome models. The page also contains links to other pages on the
Web site.
Olivia also wants you to add some visual effects to the table's appearance. She would
like a semi-transparent table background showing the pattern of a geodesic dome, and
she would like banded rows colored with alternating bands of semi-transparent white
and green. Finally, she'd like you to add rounded corners to the table using some graphic
image fi les she's created.
A preview of the design you'll create for Olivia is shown in Figure 5-56.
Figure 5-56
dHome Web page
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