HTML and CSS Reference
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11. Set the width of the table columns to 14% of the width of the table. For columns
belonging to the weekends class, change the background color to the value (255,
232, 232).
12. For table heading cells in the table header row group, set the background color to
red, the font color to white, and the letter spacing to 5 pixels.
13. Set the height of the table row within the table header row group of the calendar table
to 5%. Set the height of the table rows within the table body row group to 19% each.
14. Add a 1-pixel solid gray border to every table data cell within the calendar table. Set
the vertical alignment of the cell content to the top of the cell.
15. Set the font size of h3 headings within the data table cells of the calendar table to
8 pixels.
16. The paragraphs in the summary section are enclosed within a div element. Create a
style rule for this div element to: a) display the contents in a columnar layout with
the column width set to 300 pixels; b) set the column gap to 20 pixels; and c) add a
1-pixel solid black divider rule between columns.
17. Save your changes to the fi le and then open feb.htm in your Web browser. Verify that
the layout and design of the page resemble that shown in Figure 5-55. (Note: If you
are running Internet Explorer or Opera, you might not see multiple columns in the
description of the upcoming February events.)
18. Submit your completed fi les to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
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