HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 5-26
Values of the frame attribute
A table rule specifi es how the internal gridlines are drawn within a table. To apply a
table rule, you add the rules attribute to the table element using the syntax
<table border=” value ” rules=” type ”> ... </table>
where type is all (the default), cols , groups , none , or rows . Figure 5-27 displays the
impact of each of these rules attribute values on the placement of the internal table
Figure 5-27
Values of the rules attribute
By combining frame and rules values, you can duplicate many of the same effects
you could achieve using the CSS border-style property, which you'll explore shortly.
Some Web page authors prefer to work with these HTML attributes because they enable
them to set the appearance of the table borders from within the <table> tag rather than
through an external style sheet.
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