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Figure 5-16
The complete KPAF evening schedule
The Web table you created matches the printout of KPAF's evening schedule. Kyle
likes the clear structure of the table. He notes that many KPAF listeners tune into the
station over the Internet, listening to KPAF's streaming audio feed. Because those listen-
ers might be located in different time zones, Kyle suggests that you add a caption to the
table indicating that all times in the schedule are based on the Central Time Zone.
Creating a Table Caption
Table captions are another part of the basic table structure and are marked using the
caption element
<caption> content </caption>
where content is the content contained within the caption. You can nest text-level
elements within a caption element. For example, the following code marks the text
Program Schedule using the em element:
<caption><em>Program Schedule</em></caption>
Only one caption is allowed per Web table, and the caption element must be listed
directly after the opening <table> tag.
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