HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4-75
Styles for the page footer and address
floats the footer on the
left margin after it
cle ars the story section;
sets the left margin to
33% of the page width
displays the address in
a s mall normal style
light yellow font;
centers the text with a
top padding of 10 pixels
4. Close the file, saving your changes, and then reload cycle.htm in your Web
browser. Figure 4-76 shows the final appearance of the Cycle Pathology
home page.
Figure 4-76
Final Cycle Pathology home page
page footer
and address
Vaclav Volrab/
Dan is pleased with the fi nal design of the home page. He'll continue to work with
the page and test it against different browsers and screen resolutions to verify that it's
usable under different situations. He'll get back to you with future projects as he contin-
ues to overhaul the design of the entire Cycle Pathology Web site.
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