HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To define the overflow style for the aside element:
1. Return to cp_styles.css in your text editor and scroll down the style rule for the
aside selector near the bottom of the file.
2. Add the following styles, as shown in Figure 4-70:
height: 450px;
overflow: auto;
Figure 4-70
Setting the height and overfl ow properties
height of the
aside element is
set to 450 pixels
scroll bars are displayed
autom atically if the content
overflows the space
3. Save your changes to the file and then reload cycle.htm in your Web browser. As
shown in Figure 4-71, a scroll bar is added to the aside element.
Figure 4-71
aside element with scroll bar
scroll to view
4. Verify that you can view the entire list of upcoming events by scrolling through
the contents of the Upcoming Events sidebar.
Trouble? To scroll through the aside element using a mobile device like an iPad,
you must use the two-finger scroll gesture on the contents of the sidebar.
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